Laura McCusker

furniture designer & maker

International award winning furniture designer and makers based in Hobart, Tasmania.

Photo: Jonathan Wherrett.

Photo: Jonathan Wherrett.

Laura McCusker Furniture was established in 1996, under the flight path, in Sydney’s gritty, industrial inner-west. Since relocating to Hobart in 2003 we have continued to make quality hand made, individually designed pieces tailored to our clients’ specific needs. But now we work next to a babbling brook, surrounded by heirloom fruit trees, in an old apple packing shed - for real. We have been lucky enough to work on projects with MONA, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and a bunch of other fantastic clients from Tasmania, mainland Australia and beyond.


We make everything from beds, to bookshelves; cabinets to dining tables. We’re always up for a challenge and have even made the worlds coolest cheese trolley (the cheese man himself, Will Studd says so).


Globalisation has meant that you can buy the same things whether you’re in Oslo or Osaka. How depressing. We think that having something made just for you is much nicer, and the quality is often better too. You can choose the size, shape and timber type to suit how you live and you get something truly unique. We find that our clients are often surprised by how competitive our prices are (we don’t have a show room and there’s no retail markup) and our lead times are also pretty good.


Laura McCusker

Laura has been building furniture professionally for over 15 years. She is a classically trained fine woodworker and cabinet maker with experience in boat building, fit outs and traditional freestanding pieces. Yes, she is female and yes, she still manages all this blokey stuff whilst looking elegant and sophisticated. Mostly.

Peter Howard

It only took Peter about twenty years to decide that he what he really wanted from life was to make furniture. A bit like this guy. He has spent the last four years retraining in construction and then as a willing understudy to a great teacher (also his wife), and together they have established a thriving business where diversity is the key and a willingness to consider any job that comes their way. Peter's hands still have the softness that two decades at a desk will give you, but four years on the tools has toughened him up a little bit.



Tasmanian based Laura McCusker is doing exceptional tables and benches
— Tyler Brule, 2004
McCusker is trained in fine woodwork and is an extraordinary powerhouse of production and ideas. She has quietly gained worldwide attention from her Hobart base. Wallpaper magazine founder Tyler Brûlé described her work as “exceptional” and in 2010 she was named one of 25 of the best object designers in the world by the German based Faces of Design awards. And it is her furniture that graces the interiors of Hobart’s ultra chic MONA pavilions.

Her works are wonderfully varied - there is no recognisable McCusker style, except in that her pieces betray an evident love and deep knowledge of materials. There are no wasted gestures in her cabinetry, and lovers of timber cannot fail to be moved by her ability to simulate fragility, and to carefully conceal, or subtly and surprisingly express perfect joints.

Above all McCusker is aware of the power of brevity. In a table a single idea is conveyed; when it tries to express more than the idea of a table, it has said too much.
— Robert Stevenson 2010
— Leo Schofield, 2013
Laura has made me the most amazing table in the world. No question.
— David Walsh, 2014


Australian Financial Review Design Issue, October 2013

Winner of Clarence City Prize for Excellence in Furniture Design, 2013

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The Renovators (guest expert), Channel 10, August 2011

Top 25, Faces of Design Awards 2010 (Berlin), 2010

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Recipient of Arts Tasmania Grant (Visual Arts and Crafts), 2008

Winner of  belle New Functional Design Award, 2003

Designers (ABC TV), 2003

Finalist - Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Awards, 2003 

Finalist - Sydney Morning Herald Young Designer of the Year, 2002

Craft Mark Accreditation, 2000



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